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Canada's New Social Risks: Directions for a New Social Architecture popular

Jane Jenson provides a synthesis report for the year-long analysis undertaken by Canadian and international experts for a research program organized by the CPRN.

Elder Care: The Nexus for Family, Work and Health Policy popular

This short paper by Satya Brink seeks to address policy issues surrounding the care of elderly people by family members who are employed outside the home.

Boomers Are Ready for Nonprofits But Are Nonprofits Ready for Them?

Jill Casner-Lotto reports on the challenges and promises that lie ahead for human resource management in the nonprofit sector.

Demographic Trends and Socio-Economic Sustainability in Saskatchewan: Some Policy Considerations

In this paper Janice Stokes studies the unique demographic makeup of Saskatchewan and discusses some of the negative implications it may have on the socio-economic stability of the province including a dwindling workforce, a strain on healthcare and problematic race relations.

Elder Care: The Nexus for Family, Work and Health Policy

Satya Brink presented this paper at an annual conference of the Canadian Association of Gerontology in Montreal in October 2002. In her paper, she discusses the wide-reaching impact of elder care on individuals, families, work, and public policy.

Population Aging and Per Capita Cash Payments under the Canada Health Transfer

For several years health care financing has been a contentious issue in intergovernmental relations in Canada. According to Joe Ruggeri and Yang Zou, the federal government has acted unilaterally, resulting in the retrenchment of federal financial commitments to health care.

Preparing for the Demographic Tsunami

As the federal Conservative government looks for its next big priorities to tackle, Sherri Torjman says a major issue looms.

R-e-s-p-i-t-e Spells Respect

The continued growth of Canada’s aging population will place excessive pressure on informal caregivers. As Sherri Torjman explains, home care is a crucial yet neglected building block in Canada’s national health care system.

Tax Fairness According to Canada's New Government

On October 31, 2006, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced he was shutting down income trusts. It was a major surprise announcement that attracted media attention in Canada and abroad.

The Dementia Respite Bungalow

Anne Makhoul begins by describing the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia on caregivers. This impact will become more severe as Canada’s population ages and the country’s declining birthrate creates a smaller segment of individuals to provide care.

The Fiscal Burden of the Young and the Elderly

Population aging, resulting from the low fertility rates of the past forty years, has become a major concern of the policy makers in many industrialized countries. It is deemed to affect the economic growth, the long-term viability of both private and public pension plans and the sustainability of the existing fiscal structures.

What's Fair? Ethical Decision-making in an Aging Society

In this report, Nuala Kenny addresses the subject of an aging Canadian society, and the implications that changing demographic trends hold vis-à-vis crucial public policy issues.