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Citizens' Values and the Canadian Social Architecture: Evidence from the Citizens' Dialogue on Canada's Future

This paper is one in a series of research reports published for the CPRN's Seeking Social Architecture for Canada's 21st Century project.

Quality of Life in Canada: A Citizen’s Report Card

This report, authored by Sandra Zagon, attempts to identify the standards Canadians associate with quality of life to then evaluate how Canada measures up to this standard. Following numerous dialogue sessions with Canadians “from all walks of life” Zagon identified 40 indicators of quality of life, which she has grouped under 9 main themes. These include health, democratic rights and participation, education and the environment. It is difficult, Zagon argues, to generally state whether Canada has made progress in the last ten years in regards to quality of life; certain indicators show progress, some are stagnant, and others have deteriorated. Still, the study identifies several data gaps which need to be addressed prior to any declaration on progress or regression of quality of life.

Tough Times in the Big Easy: Lessons From a Catastrophe

This report, written by Andrew Archibald and Trefor Munn-Venn, explores the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and proposes lessons the Canadian public and private sectors should take away from the ordeal.

Trouble in Paradise? Citizen's Views on Democracy in Alberta

In this report, Trevor Harrison, William Johnston, and Harvey Krahn explore Albertans’ attitudes regarding the state of democracy in the province.