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Canadian Public Policy popular

Canadian Public Policy is a bilingual interdisciplinary quarterly journal that examines economic and social policy. The goal of Canadian Public Policy is to inspire research and discussion of public policy issues in Canada; its readership includes decision- makers and advisors in business organizations and government, as well as policy researchers in private institutions and universities.

Canadian Review of Social Policy popular

The Canadian Review of Social Policy (CRSP) focuses on publishing scholastic articles that promote the discussion of ideas among a network of experts from education, the public sector, and social movements in the arena of Canadian social policy and administration. To facilitate such discussions, the Canadian Review of Social Policy publishes analyses of historical and current developments, issues, debates, and reviews of recent publications The publication seeks to build a transformative social agenda through dialogue.

Institute for Advanced Policy Research popular

The Institute for Advanced Policy Research (IAPR) is a public policy research institute that was created in 1994 at the University of Calgary. The mandate of IAPR is to improve the quality of public policy research produced by the University of Calgary and then to provide the research to individuals who study or work within the field of public policy research. The Institute for Advanced Policy Research places an emphasis on the creation of a solid, analytical, evidenced-based foundation for public policy discourse by applying theoretically-based knowledge to practical application.

Institute for Public Economics popular

The Institute for Public Economics is affiliated with the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta. It studies the public sector and its influence on the economy and society.

Isuma Canadian Journal of Policy Research popular

The Isuma Canadian Journal of Policy Research (ISUMA) is focused on policy-relevant research that includes cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional issues. ISUMA is governed by an independent Editorial Board and published by Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, on behalf of the Policy Research Initiative. The Isuma Canadian Journal of Policy Research publishes its articles in the language they were originally drafted, The Journal’s title, and its philosophy, are derived from the word “Isuma,” Inuktitut for “idea” or “thought.” Inherent in this word is the notion of community responsibility. Topics of research include the new economy, climate change, genetic issues, volunteering, social capital, North American integration, and children.

Simon Fraser University Public Policy Program popular

The Public Policy Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU), founded in the fall of 2003, is comprised of the Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) graduate program and the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR). The Master’s in Public Policy is a two-year graduate program with a mandate to provide a professional graduate education that turns out skilled public policy analysts and managers who can assess problems, interpret and analyze relevant data, and then evaluate alternative approaches to action.

Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy

The Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (LISPOP) is a research centre at Wilfred Laurier University. The Institute is dedicated to the study of issues that pertain to the creation, use, and representation of public opinion in the policy process. The Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy also pays particular attention to the practices and claims of the public opinion and interest group industries. The Institute acts as an educational resource to the University, and the larger community, on questions and issues pertaining to those claims and practices.

Pluralism, Religion and Public Policy

Pluralism, Religion, and Public Policy was created with the purpose of joining people together from academic, legal, political, and religious communities to facilitate debate on some of the pressing issues facing our world in contemporary times. Questions posed by Pluralism, Religion, and Public Policy remain thought-provoking and relevant; the organization hosts regular conferences.

Public Policy and Administration at York

Public Policy and Administration at York administers six graduate programs relating to public administration, summarized as follows: The goal of the Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law is to provide students with a comprehensive combination of legal and policy analysis, as well as public management skills rooted in a social justice perspective. However, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) offers a unique and practical combination of management education, program analysis, and evaluation, as well as public policy analysis and development. The MBA with a Specialization in Public Management is comprised of a distinctive combination of private and public sector management, public policy analysis, and implementation and evaluation and business-government relations. In addition, the Part-time LLM program has been designed to allow the working lawyer maximum flexibility while providing a complete schedule of study in an area of specialization. The Diploma in Democratic Administration program aims to equip students with both the analytical and practical insights needed to help build more democratic and responsive institutions. The Diploma in Justice System Administration is geared to students who aspire to leadership positions in the justice system.

Queen’s University School of Policy Studies

The School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University offers advanced education, research, debate, as well as dialogue with the non-academic world, in the fields of public administration and industrial relations. The School’s Masters’ programs link theory with practice to provide students with fundamental knowledge of economic, political, social, and technological changes that affect and impact our lives and employment. The School of Policy Studies teaches its students to improve communications and research skills, in addition to helping them acquire new skills in management, policy analysis, economics, and quantitative methods.

School of Public Policy and Administration

The School of Public Policy and Administration, at Carleton University, is Canada’s oldest and largest multi-disciplinary graduate school dedicated to producing leaders in public service. The School’s Master program in Public Policy and Administration provides a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical applications of public sector management and policy analysis. Students choose one of three main streams of study: Canadian Public Management and Policy; Development; or Innovation, Science, and the Environment.

University of Regina Graduate School of Public Policy

The Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) is a professional graduate school with a strong research profile that currently offers a Master’s of Public Administration with two study options: public management or public policy. Core courses lay a foundation that focuses on the understanding of governance and administration, policy analysis, public finance, research methods and policy evaluation.

University of Victoria Centre for Public Sector Studies

The Centre for Public Sector Studies is located within the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria. Launched in 1978, the Centre was the University of Victoria’s first interdisciplinary applied research and management development centre. The Centre also plays a key role in the advancement of research and professional development sections of the School’s mission.

University of Victoria School of Public Administration

The School of Public Administration, founded in 1974, offers an innovative and diverse array of programs for current and prospective practitioners in the public and non-profit sectors. With a campus-based Masters of Public Administration (MPA) for full-time students, the MPA-Online for part-time learners, and the Bachelor of Laws/Masters of Public Administration, students have a range of options from which to choose.