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Canadian Public Policy popular

Canadian Public Policy is a bilingual interdisciplinary quarterly journal that examines economic and social policy. The goal of Canadian Public Policy is to inspire research and discussion of public policy issues in Canada; its readership includes decision- makers and advisors in business organizations and government, as well as policy researchers in private institutions and universities.

Canadian Review of Social Policy popular

The Canadian Review of Social Policy (CRSP) focuses on publishing scholastic articles that promote the discussion of ideas among a network of experts from education, the public sector, and social movements in the arena of Canadian social policy and administration. To facilitate such discussions, the Canadian Review of Social Policy publishes analyses of historical and current developments, issues, debates, and reviews of recent publications The publication seeks to build a transformative social agenda through dialogue.

The Harris Centre

The Harris Centre was formed as a result of a merger between the Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) and the Centre of Regional Development Studies (CORDS). The Centre coordinates and facilitates Memorial University’s educational, resource, and outreach activities in the areas of regional policy and development; it also serves as a reliable point of access for all stakeholders who seek to work in activities related to regional policy and development.

Western Centre for Economic Research

The objective of the Western Centre for Economic Research is to monitor the performance of Western Canada’s economy. It is sponsored by the Faculty of Business and the Department of Economics and Rural Economy at the University of Alberta.