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Home Policy Organizations: Government Agencies

A government agency is a group that engages in public policy research/debate while being associated either directly, or indirectly, with government. The term ‘government agencies’ can refer to federal and provincial government departments, government advisory bodies, and arms-length bodies. Research undertaken by government agencies is usually commissioned to assist government/s in addressing important or complex issues. [Read More...]



Human Resources and Social Development popular

As client-centered organizations, Social Development Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada are committed to continually improving service delivery for Canadians.

Policy Research Initiative popular

The Policy Research Initiative is a federal government organization with a mandate of improving the government’s research capacity and fostering a climate of collaboration in the area of policy research.

International Council for Canadian Studies

The International Council for Canadian Studies is a federation of 20 national and multinational Canadian Studies associations. It links professors in more than 30 countries around the world.

National Council of Welfare

The National Council on Welfare is a citizens’ advisory body to the Minister of Social Development Canada. It focuses on matters of concern to low-income Canadians.

Social Policy in Ontario

Social Policy in Ontario is a collaborative project of Laurentian University, the Ontario Social Development Council, and the Social Planning Network of Ontario. The site, the Online Guide to Social Policy in Ontario, is designed as a tool for public reporting about social programs in Ontario with the goal of generating a ‘macro’ view of the human service system. This site’s purpose involves promoting informed critical analyses of issues, in addition to public participation in the development, assessment, and enhancement of social programs.

Voluntary Sector Initiative

In June 2000, the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) was created as a five-year joint initiative between the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector, established to improve the relationship between the sector and the federal government, and to strengthen the sector's overall capacity.