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Canadian Institute for Advanced Research popular

The Canadian Institute for Advance Research provides funding for researchers studying issues in the sciences and social sciences. It also participates in facilitating this research vis-à-vis the public and private sectors.

Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs popular

The Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs has a mission of increasing awareness and understanding of domestic and international issues. Its main activity is a summer conference on a current public policy issue.

Council of Canadians popular

The Council of Canadians is a citizens’ watchdog organization with over 100,000 members. It has established itself as a voice for Canadian economic sovereignty, and coordinates lobbying activities accordingly.

Frontier Centre for Public Policy popular

The mission of the Frontier Centre is to develop and popularize policy choices that will help Canada’s Prairie region to live up to its vast but unrealized economic potential.

Institute for Research on Public Policy popular

The Institute for Research on Public Policy has a mission to advance new ideas that will help Canadians make more effective policy choices. Its main publication is Policy Options, which covers a broad range of issues.

Parkland Institute popular

The Parkland Institute uses a political economy perspective to study public policy issues affecting Albertans and Canadians. Its mission is to examine market-oriented assumptions to determine their effectiveness.

Polaris Institute popular

The Polaris Institute was established in response to rising opposition to the two major free trade agreements that dramatically restructured the economy and society in Canada in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Public Policy Forum popular

The Public Policy Forum provides a neutral venue where the private sector and public sector can meet to learn from one another. It includes business, labour, think tanks, academia, the media, and governments.

Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy popular

The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy (SIPP) undertakes research on issues that arise from challenging policy dilemmas through its main activities of research, education and citizenship involvement.

David Suzuki Foundation

The mandate of the David Suzuki Foundation is to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. It employs science and education to promote environmental conservation solutions.

Energy Probe Research Foundation

The Energy Probe Research Foundation studies the root causes of environmental destruction and the elements of a sustainable society. The Foundation has a number of branches, including Probe International and the Consumer Policy Institute.

George Morris Centre

The George Morris Centre is an agri-food think tank founded to provide industry decision-makers with critical information and analysis on issues affecting the Canadian agri-food sector.

Institute for Citizen-Centred Service

The Institute for Citizen-Centred Service was created to sustain and further develop improvements vis-à-vis citizen satisfaction with public-sector service delivery in Canada. It undertakes research to identify citizen’s expectations, satisfaction levels, and priorities for service improvement.

Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society

Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society aims to facilitate better communication between the media and civil society, in order to expand democracy and strengthen civil society.

International Development Research Centre

The International Development Research Centre works with researchers in the developing world in their search to build healthier and more prosperous societies. It provides funding and technical support.

International Institute for Sustainable Development

The mandate of the International Institute for Sustainable Development is to promote change through sustainable development. Members of the organization believe that in order for development to be sustainable, it must integrate the well-being of people as well as the environment.

Prairie Policy Centre

he Prairie Policy Institute, an independent non-profit organization created in 2001, is dedicated to making a significant contribution to the economic and social well-being of the Prairie region.

Saskatchewan Research Council

Established in 1947, the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) was created to promote the development of the provinces in the physical sciences.

The Commonwealth Centre for Electronic Governance

In November 2000, the Commonwealth Centre for e-Governance (CCEG) became a legal entity incorporated in the United Kingdom and Canada. As a think tank that operates on a global scale, CCEG exists through the support of an e-Governance program of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, UK.

Unisféra International Centre

Established since 2002, Unisféra International Centre (Unisféra) operates as an independent not-for-profit research centre based in Montreal.