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The main role of a policy research institute is to advance social science research. These groups can be focused on particular policy issues, or can be dedicated to public policy as a whole. To this end, the publications produced by a given policy research institute are usually peer-reviewed and are consistent with academic standards. Policy research institutes are generally transparent about any ideological biases they may hold, though generally less-so than advocacy groups. This type of policy organization usually presents more than one point of view, and doesn’t make claims to speak on behalf of any particular constituency. [Read More...]



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Pearson-Shoyama Institute popular

The Pearson-Shoyama Institute believes in a policy development process that is inclusive of Canadians. It facilitates public dialogue on public policy issues.

Polaris Institute popular

The Polaris Institute was established in response to rising opposition to the two major free trade agreements that dramatically restructured the economy and society in Canada in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Public Policy Forum popular

The Public Policy Forum provides a neutral venue where the private sector and public sector can meet to learn from one another. It includes business, labour, think tanks, academia, the media, and governments.

Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy popular

The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy (SIPP) undertakes research on issues that arise from challenging policy dilemmas through its main activities of research, education and citizenship involvement.

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation popular

The mandate of the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation is to aid governments in deciding how their resources should by used to develop successful social programs. Its programs are tested in multiple locations.

Alberta Centre for Child, Family & Community Research

The Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research was incorporated in 2003 and exists to ignite policy-relevant research on pertinent issues relating to the health and well-being of Alberta’s children, families, and communities.

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

The Asia Pacific Foundation focuses on Canada’s economic, social, political, and institutional relations with Asia. The Research and Analysis group is the core of the Foundation’s activities.

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council

The objective of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) is to promote economic development in the Atlantic Regions. To this end, the organization undertakes research and policy analysis on economic issues pertaining to Atlantic Canada.

Canadian Economics Association

The Canadian Economics Association is the organization of academic economists in Canada. Its objective is the advancement of economic knowledge through the encouragement of study and research.

Canadian Employment Research Forum

The objective of the Canadian Employment Research Forum is to improve the level of employment policy analysis and debate in Canada. It provides a forum for interaction that invites participation by governments, universities, business, and labour.

Canadian Labour and Business Centre

The Canadian Labour and Business Centre is a national forum for dialogue and research on Canadian labour market and skills issues. Its mandate is to improve the relations between business and labour in Canada.

Canadian Tax Foundation

The Canadian Tax Foundation is an independent tax research organization. Its purpose is to provide both the tax-paying public, and governments, with research into current taxation problems.

Centre for International Governance Innovation

The Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) is a private, not-for-profit corporation, with its Head Office in east-end Montreal.

Centre for Trade Policy and Law

The Centre for Trade Policy and Law has a mandate of promoting greater public understanding of trade issues. It provides training, research and advisory services to over 20 countries around the world.

Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development

The Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development (CVSRD) exists as a result of a partnership involving the voluntary sector, the Faculty of Public Affairs and Management at Carleton University, and the Centre for Governance at the University of Ottawa. The CVSRD is focused on completing original and applied research and learning across four main areas: Governance, Management, Policy, and Emerging Issues in the Voluntary Sector.

Commonwealth Association For Public Administration And Management

The Commonwealth Association For Public Administration And Management (CAPAM) was established in 1994 to assist with the exchange of information and knowledge on public administration among Commonwealth countries and beyond.

Conference of Defence Associations

The Conference of Defence Associations studies defence and security issues, and promotes the efficiency and well-being of the Canada's Armed Forces. It has recently expanded its study to other security developments that affect Canada.

David Suzuki Foundation

The mandate of the David Suzuki Foundation is to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. It employs science and education to promote environmental conservation solutions.

Energy Probe Research Foundation

The Energy Probe Research Foundation studies the root causes of environmental destruction and the elements of a sustainable society. The Foundation has a number of branches, including Probe International and the Consumer Policy Institute.

Estey Centre for Law and Economics in International Trade

The Estey Centre focuses on research and training in issues related to international trade. A large part of its activities take place in Southeast Asia, and it provides studies on behalf of a variety of governmental departments.

George Morris Centre

The George Morris Centre is an agri-food think tank founded to provide industry decision-makers with critical information and analysis on issues affecting the Canadian agri-food sector.

Institute for Citizen-Centred Service

The Institute for Citizen-Centred Service was created to sustain and further develop improvements vis-à-vis citizen satisfaction with public-sector service delivery in Canada. It undertakes research to identify citizen’s expectations, satisfaction levels, and priorities for service improvement.

Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society

Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society aims to facilitate better communication between the media and civil society, in order to expand democracy and strengthen civil society.

Institute of Public Administration of Canada

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada is an association of public servants, academics, and others who are interested in public administration. Its mission is to promote excellence in public service.

International Development Research Centre

The International Development Research Centre works with researchers in the developing world in their search to build healthier and more prosperous societies. It provides funding and technical support.

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