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Policy Articles / Aboriginal

Aboriginal Off-Reserve Education: Time for Action popular

Richards and Vining argue that more than any other factor, poor education levels are condemning many Aboriginals to live in poverty. They point out that the links among education, employment and income are critical, and suggest that Aboriginal People are not being provided with the opportunity to make realize the potential value of all three of these tenets. In this study, Richards and Vining assess the education performance of Aboriginal students in individual off-reserve British Columbia schools.

Achieving Potential: Towards Improved Labour Market Outcomes for Aboriginal People popular

In this report, Ben Brunnen addresses the Aboriginal human capital opportunities that exist in the West. From interviews, public opinion surveys, and census data, he makes a number of key findings regarding improving labour market outcomes for Aboriginal people, including: the need to reinforce the value of education; ensuring success in obtaining and retaining employment; and, the need to recognize, reward and celebrate successes.

Policy Articles / Aboriginal / Education / 2006

Aboriginal Peoples and Postsecondary Education in Canada popular

This diagnostic report uses empirical data to provide an accurate picture of how Aboriginal Canadians are faring in post-secondary education (PSE).

Policy Articles / Children & Family

A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage popular

This brief discussion paper by Iain Benson discusses the challenges to of the same-sex marriage debate in Canada. He includes the history of marriage, as well as the legal, religious and social aspects of marriage in Canada.

A Life-Course Approach to Social Policy Analysis: A Proposed Framework popular

This discussion paper provides a framework for social policy based on a hypothetical person ('Olivia') whose life experience are typical of many Canadians. This new framework would consist of social policy focused on individuals rather than groups of individuals. The paper explains that this required a recognition of social capital and its impacts on life, the realities of the market for different individuals and the importance of agencies that effect Canadian's lives. It is suggested that such a framework be used to inform social policy.

Assessing Family Policy in Canada: A New Deal for Families and Children popular

Lefebvre and Merrigan begin their report by pointing out that most children in Canada are emotionally, physically, and socially healthy, yet they suggest there are some disturbing trends relating to children in Canada. Recent reports have revealed that child abuse and neglect have increased, juvenile crime is rising, children are consuming more alcohol and drugs than previous generations, and suicide rates are rising.

Policy Articles / Economy / Economic Forecast / 2002

Addressing the Challenge: Deliberations at the TD Forum on Canada's Standard of Living popular

This article by the Conference Board of Canada outlines the major debates and findings from the 2002 TD Forum on Canada’s Standard of Living. The main objective of the Forum was to find a way of “raising Canada’s standard of living more quickly than it has been rising in the recent past, so that it will surpass that of the United States within 15 years.” Five main themes were discussed at the Forum: leadership and attitudes, human capital, smart social policy, strengthening the national socio-economic framework, and redefining Canada’s external relationships (especially with the United States).

Policy Articles / Environment & Climate

Advancing Sustainable Development in Canada: Policy Issues and Research Needs popular

This paper identifies the specific issues of sustainable development that are most important to Canadians in the mid to long term. The report focuses on seven area: urban redesign, freshwater management, eco-region sustainability, impacts of globalization on Canada, signals and incentives, unsustainable lifestyles, and international engagement. In the context of each topic the report explains the problem and identifies research needs in the area. Broader conclusions are drawn and policies ideas are advanced as well as implementation strategies.

Policy Articles / Fiscal & Budgetary / Tax Policy / 2006

A Proposal for Restructuring the Universal Child Care Benefit popular

In this brief paper, Richard Zuker proposes restructuring the Conservative Party’s Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB). Zuker’s proposal is intended to address some criticisms of the program. According to the author, the UCCB has been criticized at the policy framework and design levels.

Policy Articles / International Law & Politics

Canada's Dysfunctional Refugee Determination System: Canadian Asylum Policy from a Comparative Perspective popular

In this paper, Stephen Gallagher examines the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, of 2001.

Policy Articles / International Trade, Development & Finance

Bad Medicine: Trade Treaties, Privatization and Health Care Reform in Canada popular

Jim Grieshaber-Otto and Scott Sinclair examine a central and recurring theme in Canada’s health care debate: whether private financing and for-profit delivery of health care should play a greater role. They contend that exploring Canada’s international trade-treaty obligations as well as the scope of exemptions for health care under those treaties, add a critical dimension to this important debate.

Policy Articles / Labour & Markets

Aboriginal People in Canada's Labour Market: Work and Unemployment, Today and Tomorrow popular

Michael Mendelson examines the Aboriginal unemployment rate in Canada, seeking to determine whether or not there has been any improvement in labour market availability from 1996 to 2001.

Policy Articles / Military & Defence / National Security / 2004

A Vigilant Parliament: Building Competence for Effective Parliamentary Oversight of National Defence popular

Douglas L. Bland and Roy Rempel express grave concerns over the lack of interest the Canada�s Parliament has shown in defence policy and foreign affairs since the post-Cold War era began.

Policy Articles / Military & Defence / Spending / 2004

Canada's Military Posture: An Analysis of Recent Civilian Reports popular

This Critical Issues Bulletin addresses the authors� view that the Canadian Forces have declined in the last decade, and the reasons they cite for its decay.

Policy Articles / Military & Defence / Terrorism / 2002

A Friendly Agreement in Advance: Canada-US Defense Relations Past, Present, and Future popular

The author of this article, J.L. Granatstein, argues that Canada has no choice but to support the United States in an expanded anti-terrorism war, as well as in a National Missile Defense (NMD) scheme proposed by the Bush Administration. Granatstein explains that the two countries have been linked in defense for over 60 years, and that, as such, Canada’s refusal to participate in joint defence programs would inevitably carry real costs. Considering that the US will defend itself regardless of Canada’s position, Granatstein asserts that Canada must participate in defence programs – if only to protect its sovereignty. Granatstein suggests that by participating, Canada can maintain its seat at the defence table, which should, in turn, strengthen Canada’s bargaining position on trade issues.

Policy Articles / Public Administration

A Management Accountability Framework for the Federal Public Service popular

This brief report is a summary of a roundtable hosted by the Public Policy Forum in May 2003 held to seek the advice of participants on the draft of the Management Accountability Framework developed by the Treasury Board Secretariat at the time.

Accountability and Risk Management in the Federal System popular

This report describes the discussions of a Public Policy Forum workshop held in April 2005. Leaders from the federal government, academia, the voluntary sector, and the private sector attended the workshop to explore the future of accountability in public service management as a result of changes announced in the federal budget and by the Treasury Board Secretariat.

Policy Articles / Regional & Sectoral

Aboriginal People in Canada's Labour Market: Work and Unemployment, Today and Tomorrow popular

Although Canada has been successful in lowering its national unemployment rate, Michael Mendelson states that for the nation’s Aboriginal peoples unemployment is consistently higher than that of the population in general.

Policy Articles / Welfare & Social Issues / Poverty / 2002

A Law Against Poverty: Québec’s New Approach to Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion popular

This article by Alain Noël examines Québec’s new Anti-Poverty Law (bill 112), which he considers moves Québec’s “social policy agenda farther from that of its neighbours and closer to the preoccupations of European countries.” He demonstrates that it is a law “drafted from below”, in that the basic framework it proposes originated not from government offices but from community groups and social actors. Noël then frames the poverty question into statistical terms, arguing that Statistics Canada’s poverty rates, which traditionally showed Québec to be the most poverty-plagued province in Canada, are misleading; by taking into account cost of living indicators, he shows, Québec and Ontario’s poverty rates are found to be more or less equal. Québec’s situation is thus comparable to that of the rest of Canada.

Policy Articles / Welfare & Social Issues / Social Security / 2004

Canada's New Social Risks: Directions for a New Social Architecture popular

Jane Jenson provides a synthesis report for the year-long analysis undertaken by Canadian and international experts for a research program organized by the CPRN.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Regional & Sectoral

C.D. Howe Institute popular

The C.D. Howe Institute is a social policy research organization that examines issues of national interest. Its research covers a broad range of social and economic policy issues.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Welfare & Social Issues

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies popular

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies provides a distinctive Atlantic Canadian voice on public policy. The goal of AIMS is to help people understand how governments operate and make decisions, and how to build a better economy.

Caledon Institute of Social Policy popular

The Caledon Institute is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions to social problems. Its goal is to fight poverty, ensure social and economic security, and achieve social justice.

Canada West Foundation popular

The Canada West Foundation is dedicated to introducing Western perspectives into current Canadian policy debates. It encourages citizen engagement on current policy issues.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives popular

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives promotes its policies as alternatives to the message that citizens have no choice about the policies that affect their lives. The organization's publications focus on the economy and social justice.

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