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Policy Articles / Aboriginal

Creating Wealth In Aboriginal Communities popular

Stelios Loizides and Wanda Wuttunee explain that Aboriginal unemployment rates are rising and show no signs of slowing. This Report explores the goal, expressed by Aboriginal leaders, to improve the economic prospects for community residents through business enterprise; this paper also looks at programs that strive to meet this objective. The study looks at ten Aboriginal Communities that implemented dedicated programs to establish community-owned businesses as foundations for economic and social development, as well as increased autonomy and self-reliance.

Economic Development in First Nations: An Overview of Current Issues popular

Gordon Shanks raises a serious public policy question: To what extent are First Nations communities and individuals who are actively participating in the Canadian economy living to the best of their potential? He refers to a recent work comparing a Human Development Index (HDI) for Canadians as a whole vis-à-vis the Registered Indian population. Shanks points out that there is a significant gap between these two populations and that Registered Indians continue to have shorter life expectancy, lower educational attainment, and lower average annual incomes.

Policy Articles / Citizen Engagement

Citizen and Community Participation: Understanding and Leveraging Its Potential popular

This report, prepared by Sandra Lopes, summarizes the June 2004 roundtable about the ideas and investment framework for citizen and community participation. Lopes identifies seven elements which comprise the spectrum of activity defined as citizen and community participation: public involvement; volunteering and giving; caregiving; environmental stewardship; belonging; cultural activity; and, sport/physical activity.

Policy Articles / Fiscal & Budgetary / Federal & Provincial Budget / 2004

Canadian Government Debt 2004: A Guide to the Indebtedness of Canada and the Provinces popular

Niels Veldhuis and Todd Gabel broadly examine the $58 billion worth of debt reduction accomplished by the federal government between 1997-98 and 2001-02.

Policy Articles / Public Administration

Evaluating Policy Research popular

In this paper Caroline Pestieau aims to expand understanding of research that’s undertaken to advance public policy and how can best be evaluated. In her analysis, she defines public policy very broadly to include both policy decisions and the means through which policy is developed. There are two distinct parts to this paper.

From Cynicism to Organizational Disillusion: New Public Management as Confusion Factor popular

Christian Rouillard’s paper was presented as part of the IRPP’s research program on Governance. Rouillard was asked to examine the notion of cynicism (both outside and within the civil service), and to respond to the following three questions: 1) How do you define cynicism? 2) In what forms does it manifest itself? 3) What are its causes? In this paper, Rouillard distinguishes cynicism from organizational disillusion. He maintains that disillusion is a cultural and organizational phenomenon, one that is significantly more profound and difficult to address than cynicism.

Policy Articles / Welfare & Social Issues

Elder Care: The Nexus for Family, Work and Health Policy popular

This short paper by Satya Brink seeks to address policy issues surrounding the care of elderly people by family members who are employed outside the home.

Policy Articles / Welfare & Social Issues / Poverty / 2005

Combatting the Social Exclusion of At-Risk Groups popular

This paper deals with the concept of social exclusion as it is linked to poverty in Canada. The author, Meyer Burstein, identifies the situations of 'at-risk' groups and explains why their plight may be more difficult to escape than others living in poverty. Burstein also considers innovative methods that have been used to help socially excluded groups abroad and considers factors that must be included in assisting the socially excluded.

Policy Organizations / Academic Institutions / Regional & Sectoral

Canadian Public Policy popular

Canadian Public Policy is a bilingual interdisciplinary quarterly journal that examines economic and social policy. The goal of Canadian Public Policy is to inspire research and discussion of public policy issues in Canada; its readership includes decision- makers and advisors in business organizations and government, as well as policy researchers in private institutions and universities.

Canadian Review of Social Policy popular

The Canadian Review of Social Policy (CRSP) focuses on publishing scholastic articles that promote the discussion of ideas among a network of experts from education, the public sector, and social movements in the arena of Canadian social policy and administration. To facilitate such discussions, the Canadian Review of Social Policy publishes analyses of historical and current developments, issues, debates, and reviews of recent publications The publication seeks to build a transformative social agenda through dialogue.

Policy Organizations / Advocacy Groups / Economy

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women popular

The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) is a research institute that seeks to facilitate the advancement of social justice and equality for all women. CRIAW recognizes that women have diverse experiences and perspectives; accordingly, the Institute creates opportunities for women to expand their knowledge base while it decreasing any regional isolation they may experience. Communication links between and among researchers and organizations actively work to promote social justice and equality for all women.

Centre for Social Justice popular

Created in 1997, the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is an advocacy organization with a mandate to strengthen the struggle for social justice. The Centre is based in Ontario, but its work that stretches across Canada and even into the international arena. Of ongoing interest to the Centre: working strategically to decrease the gap between rich and poor; challenging the corporate domination of Canadian politics; and, pressing for policy changes that promote economic and social justice.

Policy Organizations / Advocacy Groups / Public Administration

Citizens for Public Justice popular

The mission of Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is to promote public justice in Canada through the organization’s involvement in important public policy debates, as well as research and analysis, publishing, and public dialogue. CPJ has established guidelines based on an awareness of human dignity; mutual responsibility; economic equity; social justice; environmental integrity; and, fiscal fairness.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Media & Communications

Canadian Unity Council popular

The Canadian Unity Council serves as a rallying point for thousands of volunteers who believe that a better understanding and greater involvement in issues create increased feelings of national unity.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Military & Defence

Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies popular

The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies is a strategic studies research centre. Its mandate is to provide a forum for the strategic implications of major national and international security issues that affect Canada.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Public Administration

Conference Board of Canada popular

The mission of the Conference Board of Canada is to build leadership capacity for a better Canada by creating and sharing insights on economic trends, public policy, and organizational performance.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Regional & Sectoral

Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development popular

The mandate of the Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development is to promote informed public debate on issues concerning regional development, and to disseminate objective analyses and information on the subject.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Welfare & Social Issues

Canadian Council of Social Development popular

The mandate of the Canadian Council on Social Development is to develop and promote progressive social policies inspired by social justice, equality, and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research popular

The Canadian Institute for Advance Research provides funding for researchers studying issues in the sciences and social sciences. It also participates in facilitating this research vis-à-vis the public and private sectors.

Canadian Policy Research Networks popular

The Canadian Policy Research Networks is dedicated to fostering a more just, prosperous, and caring society in Canada. It specializes in social and economic policy research, with a focus on the human aspects of policy issues.

Centre for Cultural Renewal popular

The mandate of the Centre for Cultural Renewal is to communicate the importance of religions to culture and the importance of culture to religions. Its goal is to address the relationship that exists between public policy vis-à-vis cultural and religious convictions.

Centre for the Study of Living Standards popular

The mandate of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards is research in the area of living standards; it offers perspective on understanding the trends that contribute to policies, while undertaking advocacy on given issues.

Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs popular

The Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs has a mission of increasing awareness and understanding of domestic and international issues. Its main activity is a summer conference on a current public policy issue.

Council of Canadians popular

The Council of Canadians is a citizens’ watchdog organization with over 100,000 members. It has established itself as a voice for Canadian economic sovereignty, and coordinates lobbying activities accordingly.

Fraser Institute popular

The Fraser Institute is an independent educational organization focused on economic and social research. Its objective is to redirect public attention to the role of free markets in providing for the well-being of Canadians.

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