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Policy Articles / Aboriginal / Education / 2006

Saskatchewan with an Aboriginal Majority: Education and Entrepreneurship popular

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the economic transformation of the Eastern European immigrants and their descendants and to ask whether it will happen again for Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan.

Policy Articles / Children & Family / Standard of Living / 2006

Quality of Life of Aboriginal People in Canada: An Analysis of Current Research popular

Daniel Salée explores the current state of knowledge regarding the broad issues affecting Aboriginal people in Canada.

Policy Articles / Crime & Justice

The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales popular

In this study Gary Mauser looks at crime trends in Commonwealth countries that have recently introduced firearm regulations, those being Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. Mauser argues that the widely ignored key to evaluating firearms regulations is to examine trends in total violent crime, not just crimes committed with firearms.

Policy Articles / Education

Report Card on Ontario's Elementary Schools: 2003 Edition popular

The Report Card on schools is an annual publication of the Fraser Institute. It collects a variety of indicators into one document, so that the performance of specific schools can be evaluated. This Report Card is produced largely to help parents make choices about what school is best for their children. The Fraser Institute also believes that ranking and comparing schools promotes improvements in lower-ranked schools, while recognizing the achievements schools ranked in the higher echelons.

Signposts of Success: Interpreting Ontario's Elementary School Test Scores popular

This publication constitutes a book that is available in .pdf format. David Johnson examines province-wide standardized tests, introduced by the Ontario government in order to assess the progress of its primary school students in key subject areas. Johnson addresses the controversy surrounding standardized tests, and particularly that surrounding the relationship between socio-economic status and test results.

Policy Articles / Environment & Climate / Water / 2004

Will We Rise to the Challenge? Eight Mega Issues Facing Canada popular

This briefing tracks eight key trends that are having a major impact on Canada’s business and public policy environment. Charles Barrett and Anne Golden point to the global economy and the consequences of competition from developing countries. They examine Canada’s relationship with the United States and the competing priorities of defence and trade. They also look at the need for investment in human capital and innovation for Canada to compete on the global stage, as well as the importance of addressing climate change and environmental issues.

Policy Articles / Labour & Markets

The Aboriginal Workforce: What Lies Ahead popular

In this article François Lamontagne discusses some of the myths and realities that surround the Aboriginal work force in Canada.

Policy Articles / Military & Defence

Renewing the U.S. - Canada Relationship popular

This report considers the breakdown of the Canada - U.S. relationship and how this development has affected both countries. The report concludes that much of the breakdown has been due to the fall of communism and the resulting loss of common goals. The document encourages a renewed relationship and emphasizes new reasons for Canada and the U.S. to work together.

Policy Articles / Public Administration

What is Policy? popular

Public policy influences our lives in many ways, for example, air and water quality, transportation, and systems of taxation. Sherri Torjman discusses the overall concept of policy and the key elements that constitute the policy development process.

Who Decides? Government in the New Millennium popular

This is a book-length publication, edited by Richard M. Bird, which contains six articles relating to public governance. Bird argues it is critical for Canadians to understand how different political institutions can affect policy; accordingly, these essays explore a number of different political institutions and processes. As Bird points out, people care about results, not just the process of getting to results. Political institutions and processes, however, have a major impact on the behaviour of politicians and the outcome that results from their conduct.

Policy Articles / Public Administration / Accountability / 2004

Transparency, Trust and Citizen Engagement: What Canadians are Saying About Accountability popular

Abelson and Gauvin analyze the efforts of the federal government to improve accountability and measure its level of success based on public expectations in this area.

Policy Articles / Welfare & Social Issues

Redesigning the “Welfare Mix” for Families: Policy Challenges popular

In this paper, Jane Jenson examines the welfare mix in Canada: the policies and programs adopted by the Canadian government in response to the challenges of restructured labour markets, deepening poverty, economic marginalization and social exclusion, changing family patterns, an ageing society, and the evolution to a knowledge-based economy. Jenson suggests the concept of welfare goes beyond social assistance; according to Jenson, the four sources of welfare include market income, family resources, community resources, and government assistance.

Policy Organizations / Academic Institutions / Public Administration

Simon Fraser University Public Policy Program popular

The Public Policy Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU), founded in the fall of 2003, is comprised of the Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) graduate program and the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR). The Master’s in Public Policy is a two-year graduate program with a mandate to provide a professional graduate education that turns out skilled public policy analysts and managers who can assess problems, interpret and analyze relevant data, and then evaluate alternative approaches to action.

Policy Organizations / Research Institutes / Welfare & Social Issues

Public Policy Forum popular

The Public Policy Forum provides a neutral venue where the private sector and public sector can meet to learn from one another. It includes business, labour, think tanks, academia, the media, and governments.

Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy popular

The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy (SIPP) undertakes research on issues that arise from challenging policy dilemmas through its main activities of research, education and citizenship involvement.

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation popular

The mandate of the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation is to aid governments in deciding how their resources should by used to develop successful social programs. Its programs are tested in multiple locations.

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